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Music & Arts for the Shepway Community (community choirs for all)

We are a charity set up to provide projects & sessions in music & art for everyone regardless of age, ability or social & economic situation. All of our projects are free to join & attend & there are no auditions or assessment of capability. Our main projects are - Shepway choirs - Primary Singers for children aged 4-11, Youth Voices for young adults aged 11-18 & Shepway Voices for adults Headstrong Singers - for those recovering from stroke or head injury, their families, carers & friends Hawkinge Howlers - a choir for those living with dementia, their families, carers & friends Martello Music Sessions - for adults with severe mental &/or physical disabilities Generation Links - music sessions that link local primary schools with nearby care homes or groups for the elderly to enable greater interaction & understanding. Fools Arts Days - activity days for children with sessions in singing, drama, dance & art. Childrens Art Club - run by a local artist, helping children to create innovative art projects


  1. Monday: 13.00-14.30
  2. Wednesday: 16.30 - 21.30

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